Charlie showed Lola his first prize rocket that he made in school, Lola wanted it and Charlie said his rocket is breakable, when Charlie went out, Soren Lorensen came to play with Lola and they were Lola's pink elephant Ellie, because he was sad because the two hyenas were laughing at him Soren Lorensen notices that Ellie had go in Charlie's rocket, and Soren Lorensen told Lola to be careful with Charlie's rocket, and then the rocket slipped on Lola's hands and broke. When Charlie was back, Soren Lorensen and Lola were on the sofa, and they heard Charlie screaming because his rocket is broke, the Soren Lorensen and Lola ran to the kitchen and they were having pink milk, Then Charlie to Lola that she broke his rocket, she said she didn't, Charlie asked Lola that Soren Lorensen that he broke his rocket, but he didn't broke it. Then Lola said that she sorry for breaking his rocket. Charlie said thats all right, then Charlie and Lola were hugging each other, then Charlie asked not to break his rocket again.